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Run for Adoption, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding homes for retired racing greyhounds.
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Donated funds help with the care and vet expenses of dogs in foster care. Click the donate button below to donate via PayPal - Thank you for your contribution and help!

Thank you to our large donors:

Steve Wilson for the original artwork
West Paw of Bozeman for their donations
Judy Pfaff for all the wonderful greyhound items

The greyhound picnic is in the record books for 2016.  We had a great time and missed those of you who could not come.  For those of you that did come there are pictures online and available for purchase.  Upon payment Shirley will send you a digital download which you can have printed up yourself or add to your Facebook or whatever.  There are some nice shots of many of you.  Here is the address to her web page http://www.sjgilchrestphotography.com/
OR you can go directly to the greyhound event. 
http://shop.sjgilchrestphotography.com/greyhoundpicnic/ Be sure to check back as I am not sure she has made it through the millions of pictures she took.  More may be added.   

In order to give you the best quality Shirley will send you a download picture size that is 16” X 20” not just 8”X10” that the web site says.   

BTW if you missed getting pictures of your hounds and want some or if you want more you can contact her about a private photo session.  She has captured many excellent shots of my crew so I can highly recommend her.  Tell her you are a greyhound picnic referral.  Get your Christmas card shots done early or if you need a gift for someone a photo shoot is a great idea.

Our Mission

Our goal is to find responsible, forever homes for each retired racing greyhound in our care.

 Retired racing greyhounds are highly intelligent, adaptable dogs who after a brief time, easily adjust to their new environment.  They are quick to learn, eager to please and love attention.  They are "people" dogs. The Greyhound's devotion to his owner is legendary. 

Greyhounds are grateful for their new homes and reward their owners with never-ending affection.  Raised with their littermates where they needed to compete for affection, they thrive on being the center of attention in your family.  If you are lookin' for love, and have a little extra room in your heart and home, please consider the pups still looking for a home.  See our Available Hound page. 

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